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plexReport Docker for unRAID. Based off bstascavage orginal scripts.
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A dockerized version of bstascavage's original plexReport (


This docker generates an email summary of new additions to Plex to send to your users

Supported Platforms

  • unRAID, Other Linux

Supported Email Clients

  • Gmail

Supported Plex Agents

  • themoviedb
  • Freebase


The following are needed to run this docker:

  1. Plex.
  2. themoviedb set as your Agent for your Movie section on your Plex server.
  3. set as your Agent for your TV section on your Plex server.
  4. A Gmail account to forward the email (Gmail is the only supported provider, so if you use another, YMMV).

Installation (unRAID)

Preferred installation method: From the Community Applications 'APPS' section in unRAID.
You can also install by adding the following template repository to unraid:

After installing, run the following commands from the command line:
(This initial_setup only has to be done once. Reinstalls of the docker do not require it)

docker exec -it plexReport ./

Follow Prompts.

plexReport can be run with the following command from unraid:

docker exec plexReport plexreport [-options]

You can now edit the config.yaml (and optionally email_body.erb) with your own settings in your appdata dir.
See /config/config.yaml.example and below for details.

To schedule the report to occur regulary please use the new cron system for unRAID 6:

Edit the "plexreport_schedule.cron" file found in the plexreport appdata folder with your own time/date.
Copy that file to the following location. Each time unraid is started it will load your plexreport_schedule.


To have it added immediately without restarting unRAID, at the command prompt type update_cron.

See this page for help creating a time/date in cron:


By default, the config file is located in /config/config.yaml. If you need to change any information for the program, or to add more optional config parameters, see below for the config file format:


This file can be edited with CSS/HTML if you want to modify the look of the email.


title - Banner title for the email body. Required.

language - The language of the email body. You need to use ISO 639-1 code ('fr', 'en', 'de'). If a content is not available in the specified language, the script will fall back to english. Defaults to 'en'. Optional.


server - IP address of your Plex server. Defaults to 'localhost'. Optional.

api_key - Your Plex API key. Required.

sections - Array of sections to report on. If field is not set, will report on all TV and movie sections. Format is ['section1', 'section2']. Optional.


address - Address of your smtp relay server. (ie Required.

port - Mail port to use. Default is 25. (Use 587 for Required

username - Email address to send the email from. Required.

password - Password for hte email set above. Required.

from - Display name of the sender. Required.

subject - Subject of the email. Note that the script will automatically add a date to the end of the subject. Required.

recipients_email - Email addresses of any additional recipients, outside of your Plex friends. Optional.

recipients - Plex usernames of any Plex friends to be notified. To be used with the -n option. Optional

Command-line Options

Once installed, you can run the script by simply running plexreport from within the docker image container.

If you need to reconfigure the program configs, first delete the existing config files and rerun '. / All commandline options can be seen by runningplexreport --help`


-n, --no-plex-email - Do not send emails to Plex friends. Can be used with the recipients_email and recipients config file option to customize email recipients.

-l, --add-library-names - Adding the Library name in front of the movie/tv show. To be used with custom Libraries

-t, --test-email - Send email only to the Plex owner (ie yourself). For testing purposes

-d, --detailed-email - Send more details in the email, such as movie ratings, actors, etc


New Episodes:

New Seasons:

New Movies:

New Movies (detailed view):

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