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##<a name="installation"></a>Installation

Pull the image from the docker index. This is the recommended method of installation as it is easier to update image. These builds are performed by the Docker Trusted Build service.

docker pull ninux/flexget:<stable_version>

You can also pull the latest tag which is built from the repository HEAD

docker pull ninux/flexget:latest

Alternately you can build the image locally.

git clone
cd docker-flexget
docker build --tag="$USER/flexget" .

<a name="quick-start"></a>Quick Start

You can launch the image using the docker command line,

docker run --rm -it \
-v $HOME/Desktop/flexget:/root/.flexget \
-v $HOME/Download:/download \
-e TRAKT=YES -e TRAKT_USER=$USER ninux/flexget:1

<a name="rss"></a>RSS

Default value of rss feed is

You can overide si value with RSS variable

<a name="ftdb"></a>FTDB

Frenchtorrentdb is a private torrent tracker.

  • If you want to use this tracker, you must provide a valid coockie for authentication. You can retreive this value with a web browser inspector.
  • You must specify a valide frenchtorrentdb RSS feed.
docker run --rm -it \
-v $HOME/Desktop/flexget:/root/.flexget \
-v $HOME/Download:/download \
-e FTDB=YES -e RSS=****YOUR_PERSONAL_TOKEN_HERE****/tv_hd_vostfr.rss \
-e TRAKT=YES -e TRAKT_USER=$USER ninux/flexget:1

<a name="bs"></a>Betaseries <mark>TODO

<a name="trakt"></a> <mark>TODO

<a name="available-configuration-parameters"></a>Available Configuration Parameters

Please refer the docker run command options for the --env-file flag where you can specify all required environment variables in a single file. This will save you from writing a potentially long docker run command. Alternately you can use fig.

Below is the complete list of available options that can be used to customize your flexget installation.

  • BS: Enable Betaseries plugin. Unset by default
  • BS_USER: Betaseries username
  • BS_PASS: Betaseries password
  • BS_KEY: Betaseries API Key
  • DISABLE_PARSER: Disable a parser see issue #1. Unset by default
  • FTDB: Enable requirements for pulling a frenchtorrentdb rss feed. Unset by default
  • FTDB_COOKIE: Set the cookie value for authentication
  • RSS: Set rss feed.
  • TRAKT: Enable Trackt plugin. Unset by default
  • TRKT_USER: Trackt Username
  • TRAKT_PASS: (Optional) Trakt Password used if your trakt profile is private

<a name="contributing"></a>Contributing

If you find this image useful here's how you can help:

  • Send a Pull Request with your awesome new features and bug fixes
  • Help new users with Issues they may encounter

<a name="references"></a>References

Docker Pull Command
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