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Petuum's Poseidon framework, with an SSH server, CUDA7.5, CUDNN4 on CentOS7
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Poseidon Docker

This is the Poseidon library from Petuum.

It uses CUDNN3 (not compatible with CUDNN4 yet).

You can find the repository in /poseidon.

SSH Setup

This is an SSH docker, so you will need to setup the keys. The easiest is to
have a key shared by all the instances (if you want to run multiple instances)
to enable password-less SSH.

You need a server key as well as a client key. Once you setup all that in a
folder, you should have the following files:

  • authorized_keys
  • id_rsa
  • ssh_host_rsa_key

In the authorized_keys file, simply put the content of the and
your own key. Now you can mount that folder as /root/.ssh, and you should be
set. Make sure the permissions are 700.

Docker command

Example docker command:

docker run -itd -v /path/to/your/ssh/folder:/root/.ssh $(for device in $(ls /dev/nvidia*); do echo -n "--device $device "; done) --name poseidon0 nitnelave/poseidon

Host file

If you want to run with more than one docker locally to run some tests, you can
start several instances of the docker. If they are named poseidon0,
poseidon1, etc, you can use the script provided.

Docker Pull Command
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