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Example of sysinfo_influxdb. Please set "NFLUXDB_HOST" and "INFLUXDB_NAME" before launching.
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Docker image with an example of sysinfo_influxdb


To create the image nixel/sysinfo_influxdb execute the following command on the sysinfo_influxdb folder:

docker build -t nixel/sysinfo_influxdb .

To run the image:

docker run -d -e INFLUXDB_HOST=XXXXX -e INFLUXDB_NAME=XXXXX nixel/sysinfo_influxdb

Configure the connection to InfluxDB

nixel/sysinfo_influxdb needs to know the information of your InfluxDB instance used to send metrics to. Please provide the following environment variables when running your sysinfo_influxdb container:

INFLUXDB_HOST=**ChangeMe**          Host of your InfluxDB (without protocol)
INFLUXDB_PORT=8086                  Port number of your InfluxDB
INFLUXDB_NAME=**ChangeMe**          Database name of your InfluxDB
INFLUXDB_USER=root                  Username of your InfluxDB
INFLUXDB_PASS=root                  Password of your InfluxDB
SYSINFO_INTERVAL=5m                 Sysinfo frequency for sending metrics to InfluxDB

Here is an example:

docker run -d -e -e INFLUXDB_PORT=8086 -e INFLUXDB_NAME=grafana -e INFLUXDB_USER=root -e INFLUXDB_PASS=root nixel/sysinfo_influxdb

Sysinfo metric collection interval

By default nixel/sysinfo_influxdb will start sysinfo_influxdb process with -i 5m, that is sysinfo will send metric values every 5 minutes to InfluxDB by default.

If you want to set a different interval value please set SYSINFO_INTERVAL environment variable


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