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nkcraddock/scraw is a docker container with my development environment set up on it.
It is based on phusion/baseimage.


  • From phusion/baseimage we get init, syslogd, sshd, and some other goodies to make the container feel more like a VM
  • I added some tools that I use for development like git, vim, curl, wget, mercurial, ruby1.9.1,
    homesick, and golang


  • docker
  • docker-ssh (optional) - used to ssh directly to the containers without having to lookup their ip address

Getting Started


$ sudo docker pull nkcraddock/scraw
$ sudo docker run -d --name scraw nkcraddock/scraw
$ sudo docker-ssh scraw #assuming you have docker-ssh
root@899e0eeea86d:~# ~/init_homesick

###OS X with boot2docker
You have to expose ssh on the boot2docker vm and connect to that. Feel free to set up a different key.

$ sudo docker pull nkcraddock/scraw
$ sudo docker run -d --name scraw -p 13117:22 nkcraddock/scraw
$ wget -O ./insecure_key
$ ssh root@$(boot2docker ip) -p 13117 -i ./insecure_key
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