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Wordpress Photon
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Local WordPress Photon server (for development)

Photon documentation

Please refer to


This project requires Docker, download and install it from


Clone repository to your local machine.

Switch to the project directory and run the following command: docker-compose build. Docker Compose will pull PHP Apache image from and then it will build Photon image. It will take some time.

Configuring hosts

See your /etc/hosts file: you will need an IP address used by Vagrant and configured host names.

Copy docker-compose.override.yml.sample into docker-compose.override.yml and updates hosts listed there.

Note: extra_hosts must be an array of "host:IP" mappings.

Configuring WordPress

To change default Photon domain in the WordPress you need to register a new filter like this:

add_filter( 'jetpack_photon_domain', function() {
    return '';
} );

Note: to get an IP of the Docker, run docker-machine ip.

Also, to enable Thumbnail Editor plugin you need to force load it:

\wpcom_vip_load_plugin( 'wpcom-thumbnail-editor' );

Running Photon

Use the following commands to run Photon:

  • docker-compose up - runs Photon server in foreground
  • docker-compose up -d - runs Photon server in background
  • docker-compose down - stops server and removes Docker container (it will be recreated back when you start Photon again).
  • to see logs from the service running on background, use docker-compose logs. Run docker-compose logs --help for more help on other parameters
  • docker-compose ps to see running services
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