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OpenWRT Images for use on RPi, RPi2 and RPi3 with Hypriot OS / resinOS
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OpenWRT Dockerfiles and Images for x86, x64, RPi, RPi2 and RPi3.

RPi, RPi2, RPi3 Images:

Docker Hub Repo:
RPi, RPi2, RPi3 Images can only be used on ARM Hardware.
While RPi3 can work with RPi,RPi2,RPi3 Images, RPi2 work with RPi and RPi2 Images, the RPi Familiy (A/B/A+/B+/Zero/CM) can only work with RPi Images. It is encouraged to use the RPi Images with Hypriot OS or resinOS.

x86, x64 Images:

Docker Hub Repo:
x86 and x64 need their plattform to work with.


Current Versions:

These Versions were compiled on 13.12.2017 from the OpenWRT Repos and are updated on "as needed" base.

trunk (main development tree) []

rpi / rpi2 / rpi3 / x86 / x64

15.05.1 branch (Chaos Calmer) []

rpi / rpi2 / x86 / x64


Legacy Versions:

These Versions were compiled on 22.01.2016 from the OpenWRT Repos, except 14.07_x86 and 15.05_x86 (forked from x-drum). These repos are not updated anymore.

15.05 branch (Chaos Calmer)

rpi / rpi2 / x86 / x64

14.07 branch (Barrier Breaker)

rpi / x86

12.09 branch (Attitude Adjustment)

rpi / x86

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