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Cloned from webratio for personal build
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PhoneGap Dockerfile

This repository contains Dockerfile of PhoneGap for Docker's build published to the public Docker Hub.


  1. Install Docker.

  2. Pull the image

    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:3.5.0
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:3.5.0-0.21.18
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:3.6.0
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:3.6.0-0.21.19
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:3.6.3
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:3.6.3-0.22.7
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:4.0.0
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:4.0.0-0.22.7
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:4.1.2
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:4.1.2-0.22.12
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:4.2.0
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:4.2.0-0.24.2
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:6.0.3
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:6.1.0
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:6.2.0
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:6.2.2
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:6.4.2
    • docker pull nmaas87/webratio-phonegap:6.5.0


Run phonegap create

docker run -v <application-parent-dir>:/data nmaas87/webratio-phonegap phonegap create <application-name>

Run phonegap serve

docker run -d -p <port>:3000 -v <application-dir>:/data nmaas87/webratio-phonegap phonegap serve -p 3000

Run phonegap build android

docker run -v <application-dir>:/data nmaas87/webratio-phonegap phonegap build android
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