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Sal container that includes profile-generation script
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This is a Docker container for Sal based on the official Sal Docker image that just adds SalProfileGenerator for easy .mobileconfig profile generation for all Machine Groups.

The main difference with the Sal-profiles container is the existence of a new environmental variable, PROFILE_PATH. This variable specifies a custom path to place the created profile files. If it doesn't exist, this path will be created on script execution. The default path is /home/docker/profiles/ inside the container.

To Use This Container:

Follow the instructions for running Sal according to the official Docker instructions.

Start your Postgres container:

    $ mkdir -p /usr/local/sal_data/db  
    $ docker run -d --name="postgres-sal" \  
      -v /db:/var/lib/postgresql/data \  
      -e DB_NAME=sal \  
      -e DB_USER=saldbadmin \  
      -e DB_PASS=password \  
      --restart="always" \  

Run the Sal-profiles container, pass in the PROFILE_PATH environmental variable:

    run -d --name sal \
    -p 80:8000 \  
    --link postgres-sal:db \  
    -e DOCKER_SAL_TZ="America/Los_Angeles" \  
    -e ADMIN_PASS=password \  
    -e DB_NAME=sal \  
    -e DB_USER=saldbadmin \  
    -e DB_PASS=password \  
    -e PROFILE_PATH=/home/docker/profiles \  

Access Sal via your browser: http://localhost:80

Create a Business Unit.

Create a Machine Group. (or create several for testing!)

Run the script to generate profiles for all Machine Group keys:
docker exec sal /usr/local/salprofilegenerator/
Profiles will be placed into the $PROFILE_PATH.

Copy the profiles out from the Docker container onto your host, for deployment to client machines:
docker cp sal:/home/docker/profiles /path/on/docker/host/sal-profiles

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