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RESTful Service getting GFE results from raw sequence data
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This page walks through how to build the service-gfe-submission docker image and how to run the service.

Building Docker Image

# -t name_of_service:build_tag
# . location of Dockerfile
docker build -t service-gfe-submssion:latest .

If the docker image is successfuly built then typing docker images will show a new image labeled service-gfe-submission.

Running Service

# -d runs the service in the background
# --name name given to the executed container
# -p exposed ports, meaning service will be found at http://localhost:8080
# service-gfe-submission:latest name of the image you're executing
docker run -d --name service-gfe-submission -p 5050:8080 service-gfe-submission:latest

If the docker container is successfuly executed then typing docker ps -a will show a new container labeled service-gfe-submission running.


# --rm removes container after you exit
# -it runs it interactively
# /bin/bash allows you to enter the docker container
docker run --rm -it service-gfe-submission:latest /bin/bash

Click here for more information on the publically available docker image.

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