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Short Description
This image contains latest SoapUI Open Source edition ie., 5.2.1.
Full Description

This image can allow you to run your api tests in the container.

It has the following softwares along with SoapUI

Java 8
Groovy 2.4
SoapUI 5.2.1
Hermes 1.14

Base image used is pottava/groovy

How to run a soapui project

A default project is supplied by SoapUI installation which is located inside container @ $SOAPUI_HOME/HelloWS-soapui-project.xml. So, to test this image, just run the following command to run the project.

docker run -d --name testAPI nmrao/soapui521 /bin/bash -c ' $SOAPUI_HOME/HelloWS-soapui-project.xml'

Similarly, you shall be able to run your project as well. To do so, you can mount a volume so that soapui project available on the host machine can be shared to container and then you will be able to run your project.

For ex:
SoapUI project is available on your machine at /home/apps/projects/my-soapui-project.xml

You can modify the above docker run command to mount the /home/apps/project of your machine to /tmp of container using below command.

docker run -d -v /home/apps/projects:/tmp --name testAPI nmrao/soapui521 /bin/bash -c ' /tmp/my-soapui-project.xml'

What is going on in container?

docker logs testAPI

Want to remove container?

docker rm -f testAPI

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