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Debian Workspace - PHP, Python, NodeJS, Nginx, Selenium, Behat, Xvfb
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Debian Workspace - Nginx, Selenium, Behat, Xvfb

Caution: this container is development use only. do not use in production environment.


It corresponds to docker-compose

$ make update
# [docker-compose.yml is customized for your PC]
$ docker-compose up -d

There is a sample of docker-compose.yml at my gist.

sudo user Dockerfile

ARG username="9zilla"
ARG password="9zilla"

run Xvfb on DISPLAY=:99

$ selenium-xvfb

run selenium With chromedriver on DISPLAY=:99

$ selenium 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null &

A file is put here.

  • server configuration (= volume mount directory): /var/containers/
  • contents: /var/virtualdomains/
  • behat feature: ~/ci/behat/features/

When using anyenv, it can be used by all containers through 9zilla-volume-anyenv.

anyenv - all in one for **env

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