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The Official NodeSource Docker Images
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NodeSource maintains these Docker images to provide the community with an officially supported method of tagging to specific releases of Node.js within Docker containers that match the environments already being run within a company.

These images give you great freedom in the Linux Distribution, release of Node, and usage when it comes to Docker. With the repositories and tags we maintain, you are able to automate the complexity of maintaining a base image away by simply leveraging docker tags!

Some examples of how you can track Node.js releases:

  • nodesource/jesse:argon - Run the latest Stable LTS argon release of Node.js on Debian Jessie
  • nodesource/trusty:5.1 - Run the latest 5.1 release of Node.js on Ubuntu Trusty
  • nodesource/vivid:4.2.1 - Run Node.js v4.2.1 on Ubuntu Vivid
  • nodesource/sid:latest - Run the latest version of Node.js available on Debian Sid
  • `nodesource/centos7:iojs-3.2 - Run the latest 3.2 release of the io.js project on Centos 7
  • nodesource/centos5:0.10 - Run the latest .10 release of Node.js on Centos 5

Mix and match versions and distributions to tailor what version of Node.js your application will follow, and which releases will automatically be brought in when your images are rebuilt.

Supported Distributions

We currently support the following base Docker images maintained by the official Docker repositories:

  • jessie
  • wheezy
  • sid
  • trusty
  • precise
  • vivid
  • centos5
  • centos6
  • centos7
  • fedora20
  • fedora21
  • fedora22

We also provide a node repo which uses the same base image as many of the images mainatined by the Docker project.

Note: Some releases of Node.js and io.js may not be available for all platforms. Please refer to the GitHub repository's file for a full list of supported tags.

Dive Deeper

If you are interested in contributing to this project, checkout our Contributing Guidelines on GitHub.

For a deeper explanation of why these images exist, and why version pinning is important, refer to the blogpost by William Blakenship.

For an explanation as to why these images do not use automated builds, refer to our blogpost announcing NodeSource dropping it's automated build status.

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