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The Official N|Solid Docker Images
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N|Solid is a fully-compatible enhanced Node.js platform built for mission-critical applications.

N|Solid enables organizations to build, manage, secure, and analyze Node.js applications.

  • Fully-compatible runtime installs in place of open source Node.js without any changes to application code

  • Get unparalleled visibility into Node.js application performance and system health with dozens of Node.js-specific metrics

  • Security vulnerability scanning and alerts happen in real time, not at build time, to help you keep your production apps secure

N|Solid Docker Images

These Images bring the N|Solid Platform into Docker. Developed for the Enterprise use-case, these images are designed to be deployed and scaled independently. For a full walkthrough of how to use these images, refer to the documentation

Tags and Corresponding Versions


To fully enjoy the N|Solid experience, we recommend using all of the available images:

docker-compose support

For convenience, we provide the following docker-compose file as an example to get started:

version: "3"
    image: nodesource/nsolid-console:carbon-latest
    container_name: nsolid.console
      - NODE_DEBUG=nsolid
      - 6753:6753
      - 9001:9001
      - 9002:9002
      - 9003:9003
  # app:
  #   image: nodesource/nsolid:carbon-latest
  #   environment:
  #     - NODE_DEBUG=nsolid
  #     - NSOLID_APPNAME=in_docker
  #     - NSOLID_COMMAND=console:9001
  #     - NSOLID_DATA=console:9002
  #     - NSOLID_BULK=console:9003

To use this, first copy and paste it into a file name nsolid.yml. Run docker-compose -f nsolid.yml up. You now have the N|Solid console running on localhost:6753!

Note: By default, these images have the environment variable NODE_ENV set to production.

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