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This is a docker composer setup


  • Local development using Docker Compose

Open following URL with preferred internet browser:


This script will create a clean install of SugarCRM and run's docker compose. After running the init script, all docker images are generated and the container service can be stop and started with below commands.

docker-compose up -d
docker-compose down

Post installation for SugarCRM

  1. After all containers are running open app on http://localhost:8080
  2. Follow installation setup, do not add sample data.
  • Use database name added in docker-compose.yml file
  • Use "db-crm" for host name
  • Add root as database admin
  • Add password indicated in docker-compose.yml file
  • Sugar Database User do later with PhpMysqlAdmin Tool or cli (See below known issues)
  1. Export and
    import custom fields/modules
  2. Import custom templates
  3. Import *.sql backup file using PhpMysqlAdmin or cli

Let' Encrypt Setup

Keeping things in a safe place, I auto generate the certs in and copy them to AWS S3.
A cron job is then getting the from the S3 location updating it to apache.
The certbot repository will be part of the images

git clone /usr/local/certbot

Known Issues & Bug's


  • You can use turn on phpmyadmin for database access, which is accessible through following URL http://localhost:8081
  • Use phpInfo.php to confirm all modules are loaded.
    <?php phpinfo();
  • Inside the PHP containter
    docker exec -it <container-name> /bin/bash

uname -rms //current linux system

php -m //list loaded modules


Docker Pull Command