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Creates docker containers provisioned for Project Hydra development. Project Hydra not included.
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Create the Docker container:

$ docker run -itdP -p 3000:3000/tcp -p 8983:8983/tcp -p 8984:8984/tcp -p 8986:8986/tcp -v $(pwd):/var/app --name hydradev nomadicoder/hydra-dev:latest

docker exec -it hydradev bash

If you have an existing Hydra Application, clone it to a working directory and CD to that directory.

To shell into the container
$ docker exec -it hydradev bash

To run the Hydra application
$ cd /var/app
$ bundle install
$ rake jetty:start
$ rails server -b

Browse to the IP address of your docker-machine and the port mapped to 3000. In this example, it is mapped to port 3000.

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