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dockerized version of
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netcheck ;-)

simple tool that will check if a given protocol:host:port is reachable. can check multiple times an will exit(1) if not reachable. i created it to be able to block a script until a resource finished starting inside a docker network without the need to link ports to the host machine and write a loop.


docker run --net=docker_default --rm --name netcheck nonsenz/netcheck --host=foo-db --port=3306 --times=13


-host string
    destination host
-port string
    destination port
-protocol string
    protocol ('tcp' (default), 'tcp4' (IPv4-only), 'tcp6' (IPv6-only), 'udp', 'udp4' (IPv4-only), 'udp6' (IPv6-only), 'ip', 'ip4' (IPv4-only), 'ip6' (IPv6-only), 'unix', 'unixgram' and 'unixpacket') (default "tcp")
-times int
     repeat this many times (default 3)


for more info and Dockerfile check

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