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FROM openjdk:8-jre-alpine MAINTAINER Wei Gao <> # Overridable defaults ENV GERRIT_HOME=/var/gerrit ENV GERRIT_CACHE_DIR=${GERRIT_HOME}/cache ENV GERRIT_SITE=${GERRIT_HOME}/review_site ENV GERRIT_WAR=${GERRIT_HOME}/gerrit.war ENV GERRIT_VERSION=2.14.6 ENV GERRIT_USER=gerrit2 ENV GERRIT_INIT_ARGS="" ENV PLUGIN_VERSION=stable-2.14 ENV GERRITFORGE_URL= ENV GERRITFORGE_ARTIFACT_DIR=lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/bazel-genfiles/plugins ENV BOUNCY_CASTLE_VERSION=154 ENV BOUNCY_CASTLE_URL= COPY / COPY / # Add our user and group first to make sure their IDs get assigned consistently, regardless of whatever dependencies get added RUN adduser -u 100 -D -h "$GERRIT_HOME" -S $GERRIT_USER && \ apk add --no-cache git-gitweb su-exec perl-cgi && \ apk add --no-cache --virtual .build-deps curl && \ mkdir /docker-entrypoint-init.d && \ curl -Ls${GERRIT_VERSION}.war -o $GERRIT_WAR && \ curl -Ls ${GERRITFORGE_URL}/job/plugin-delete-project-bazel-${PLUGIN_VERSION}/${GERRITFORGE_ARTIFACT_DIR}/delete-project/delete-project.jar -o ${GERRIT_HOME}/delete-project.jar && \ curl -Ls ${GERRITFORGE_URL}/job/plugin-events-log-bazel-${PLUGIN_VERSION}/${GERRITFORGE_ARTIFACT_DIR}/events-log/events-log.jar -o ${GERRIT_HOME}/events-log.jar && \ curl -Ls ${GERRITFORGE_URL}/job/plugin-oauth-bazel-master-${PLUGIN_VERSION}/${GERRITFORGE_ARTIFACT_DIR}/oauth/oauth.jar -o ${GERRIT_HOME}/oauth.jar && \ curl -Ls ${BOUNCY_CASTLE_URL}/bcprov-jdk15on-${BOUNCY_CASTLE_VERSION}.jar -o ${GERRIT_HOME}/bcprov-jdk15on-${BOUNCY_CASTLE_VERSION}.jar && \ curl -Ls ${BOUNCY_CASTLE_URL}/bcpkix-jdk15on-${BOUNCY_CASTLE_VERSION}.jar -o ${GERRIT_HOME}/bcpkix-jdk15on-${BOUNCY_CASTLE_VERSION}.jar && \ su-exec ${GERRIT_USER} mkdir -p $GERRIT_SITE && \ su-exec ${GERRIT_USER} mkdir -p $GERRIT_CACHE_DIR && \ apk del .build-deps && \ rm -fr .build-deps && \ rm -fr /tmp/hsprefdata_root #Gerrit site directory is a volume, so configuration and repositories #can be persisted and survive image upgrades. VOLUME $GERRIT_SITE $GERRIT_CACHE_DIR ENTRYPOINT ["/"] EXPOSE 8080 29418 CMD ["start"]
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