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Docker container running Tomcat and GeoWebCache (See )
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The image will have GEOWEBCACHE_CACHE_DIR set to /usr/local/geowebcache/geowebcache_cache_dir/, but you can override this to your desired path by overriding the enviornment variable;
-e "GEOWEBCACHE_CACHE_DIR=/path/to/desired/directory"

Inject your own geowebcache.xmlfile by using volumes;
-v /path/on/host/to/geowebcache.xml:/usr/local/geowebcache/geowebcache_cache_dir/geowebcache.xml
or create a new image based on this one where you COPY your geowebcache.xml file into the GEOWEBCACHE_CACHE_DIR.

Example RUN command:

docker run --detach --publish=8080:8080 --volume /some/path/on/the/host/geowebcache.xml:/usr/local/geowebcache/geowebcache_cache_dir/geowebcache.xml --name "my_gwc_container" nordecadev/geowebcache
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