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Confluence Configs

Includes utilities that can be used to:

1. Install Confluence plugins 
2. Configure Confluence in an Nordstrom environment (dev, stage)
3. Configure Confluence for a https scheme (for use behind an LB that terminates SSL)
3. Configure Confluence in read-only mode

Configuring Confluence in a lower environment is also know as demotion and involves updating the database after it has been restored from a production snapshot. Updates include:

* application links (e.g. link confluence dev to jira dev)
* crowd server (e.g. configure confluence dev to auth against embedded crowd on jira dev)
* welcome banner (e.g. "<b>Welcome to Confluencedev!</b>")
* gadget feed (e.g. confluence dev gets feed from jira dev)
* diabling email notifications

Provision a Host

Provision via the Confluence pipeline script.

Provsion as:

python -m src.start <env> <host_type> configs

For more details, see:

<nordstrom stash>/OPSETS/confluence-stack/src/

Install plugins ...

Coming soon

Configure for a Nordstrom environment and Scheme

See script src.env

Script is called from the Confluence pipeline script used to start a confluence container.

This ensures all environment-specific (e.g. cnames, app-links), and Nordstrom-specific configurations (e.g. trustores) are in place each time Confluence is launced.

python -m src.start <env> <host_type> confluence 5.4.4

Configure in Read-Only mode ...

See script src.readonly

Puts a Confluence host in read-only mode.

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