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No external services needed. Forward ports 80 and 22. Run the container, follow the instructions.
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A drupal 7.50 development container.

Quick start

docker run -it -p 2022:22 -p 2080:80 northcloud/drupal7 --base-url=http://localhost:2080

If a --base-url is not passed to the container, the container will prompt you for it if run was passed -it. Be sure to include the port in your --base-url even if it is port 80. If you're using a --base-url that is not localhost (if running on your own machine) or not a --base-url of a remote box that has a domain name, be sure to edit your host's hosts file to include this url; nginx multiplexes sites on the same port using the url header in requests.


The container already has all the services it needs to run including:

  1. nginx
  2. php (5.6)
  3. mysql (5.7)
  4. cron

Other complimentary services include:

  1. rsyslog
  2. openssh-server

On the first run the container initializes itself, start it after it ran once and it will spawn off a supervisord that monitors all the above services.

Default credentials

Credentials Username Password
drupal7 admin admin password
ssh root password
mysql (root) root password
mysql (drupal7) drupal7 drupal7


Xdebug on this container is configured to establish connections to port 9000
Be sure to edit /etc/php/5.6/fpm/php.ini to properly assign xdebug.remote_host=<ip/domain> where <ip/domain> is the ip or domain of the machine which you intend xdebug to connect to, I.e the machine where your IDE is listening

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