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Backend of project
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This image contains the backend of the platform.
It requires other images provided by noselus.

Run the image

The following script uses the import-dump and solr images to start the whole backend :


# APP: Start postgres database
docker run -d --name db postgres:9.1
sleep 3

# VOLUME: Provide last SQL dump of the database
docker run -d --name import-dump-volume noselus/import-dump-volume

# VOLUME: Provide last version of the application
docker run -d --name app-volume noselus/app-volume

# RUN-ONCE: Import the inital data
docker run --name import-dump --link db:db --volumes-from import-dump-volume noselus/import-dump

# APP: Start the solr instance
docker run -d --name solr noselus/solr

# RUN-INTERVAL: Force Solr to index the database data (~3min)
docker run -d --name indexer --link db:db --link solr:solr --volumes-from app-volume noselus/app /home/noselus/

# APP: Run the application (with Postgres and Solr)
docker run -d -p 4567:4567 --name app --link db:db --link solr:solr --volumes-from app-volume noselus/app

When using boot2docker the port-fowarding must be enabled using:

VBoxManage controlvm boot2docker-vm natpf1 "noselus,tcp,,4567,,4567"
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