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Baseimage for making your own Solr-image
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This image is meant to be used as a basis for building your own Solr-image.

Create your collections and add them under /usr/share/solr/nota/


FROM nota/solr:4.10.4

ADD solr/collections /usr/share/solr/nota/

Reenable IP-limit for solr

RUN sed "s/<!-- <Valve \(.*\) -->$/<Valve \1/" -i /etc/tomcat7/Catalina/localhost/solr.xml

The image contains backup and restore scripts.

You can make a backup by running:
docker exec <CONTAINER> /opt/backup > dump.tar.bz2

And restore it by running:
docker exec -i <CONTAINER> /opt/restore < dump.tar.bz2

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