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JIRA ServiceDesk docker image
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JIRA ServiceDesk

This docker image deploys a JIRA ServiceDesk instance.


Are exposed, ports 8080 and 8005


Install folder

JIRA is installed, inside the container, in it's default location: /opt/atlassian/jira. Mouting a volume here will allow you to tweak the installation.

Attention, JIRA ServiceDesk is not installed during this image build. JIRA's installation will only happen if
the entrypoint script finds the install folder empty. This allows you to mount a volume at the install folder.

The installation path can be changed using ENV variable.

Data folder

Data are stored in /var/atlassian/jira instead of the default /var/atlassian/application-data/jira. There is no valid explanation to this. I'm just lazy and I don't want to type long path when I mount the docker image's volumes.

The data path can be changed using ENV variables

Environment variables

  • INSTALL_PATH, default value is /opt/atlassian/jira, will be where the application is installed
  • DATA_PATH, default value is /var/atlassian/jira, will be where the datas will be stored

Start the container

docker run -d -v your/install/path:/opt/atlassian/jira -v your/data/path:/var/atlassian/jira -p 8080:8080 notuscloud/jira-servicedesk


This a first draft of the container, I got to find a clean way to make this docker image lighter

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