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salt-master image auto-build
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Salt master docker image

Run salt-master

Environment variables

  • SALT_CONFIG_DIR=/data/config

The default value is /data/config. You will have to mount a volume here or you will lose your changes if you destroy the container.

  • SALT_LOG_LEVEL=warning

Availables volumes

  • /data/config

You can change the default config folder (/etc/salt) for the salt-master by using the
environment variable SALT_CONFIG_DIR.
Beware that you'll have to use the -c /path/to/you/config/dir with each salt commands.

  • /var/log/salt
  • /var/cache/salt

Expose ports

If you want your salt-master container to be reachable from the outside, you will have to expose ports 4505 and 4506 which
are the salt-master default ports.

Run salt-master

docker run -ti -d -e SALT_LOG_LEVEL=info -v $(pwd)/config:/etc/salt -p 4505:4505 -p 4506:4506 notuscloud/salt-master


You can use salt-ssh with this docker image by overriding the default command.
Update your /etc/salt/roster file then run:

docker run -ti --rm -v $(pwd)/config:/etc/salt notuscloud/salt-master salt-ssh yourtarget -r "ls -al" 
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