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Agent for the provisioning solution automaIT that deploys and configures your IT-Services.
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Information about automaIT

automaIT can be used for automated software installations. It is as felxible and universal as shell scripts but its additional features make automation much more easier and consistently in complex environments.

Versioning the automation code ensures to always use the right code version for existing software installations as well as one automation component can be used to install different versions of a software product.

Dependencies ensure that required software components have been installed before. They also avoid removing software components which are still used and needed by other existing installations.

Traceability makes bug fixing your automation much more easier. All automated actions on remote hosts are logged centralized and with all their results and messages. Additionally you can check your installed environment and the used configuration parameters at any time.

Access Management ensures a detailed definition of users and access rights. For example application server admins may install and configure their middleware and bind it to existing databases but may not change or remove databases which are maintained by the database administrators.

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Terms of use for automaIT

This is an evaluation license that may only be used for the purposes of testing and demonstration. Any use for the purpose of production is prohibited. The right of use is granted for a limited period of 60 days, starting from the day the software is downloaded. The right of use shall expire without notice at the end of this period. The software is provided subject to the exclusion of any warranty or liability. The evaluation license does not include the maintenance of the software or delivery of any updates.
To the extent permitted by law, liability is limited in all cases to the total of all license fees paid by the Licensee.

Run a container

The container contains an instance of the agent for the automaIT server. It can be used to provision directly into a running container based on this image. Doing so the agent container must be linked to the server container or accessible through a port on the docker host:

docker run --name automait-agent-1 -p -d novatec/automait-agent:latest

Once started the automaIT server and the agent container, the agent has to be referenced as a new physical host in the automaIT server.

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