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Minimal installation (no manager/admin apps) of Apache Tomcat Java Servlet Container.
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Apache Tomcat in a minimal installation (no manager/admin apps installed).

You can create a container from this image with

docker run --name tomcat-instance-1 -d novatec/tomcat:7.0

Since there are no manager apps installed this image is intended to be used as base image for your application. The server is configured to serve requests via https. Ports for http (8080) and https (8443) are exposed by default.

The server starts with its own user and group (tomcat:tomcat). An initialization script will configure the server. It can easily be extended by appending your content to bash script /etc/my_init.d/

The ssl certificate will be issued for

CN=localhost, OU=DCA, O=NovaTec GmbH, C=Germany

To override this value simply set HTTPS_DNAME to your preferred value

docker run --name tomcat-instance-1 -e "HTTPS_DNAME=CN=Ex, OU=am, O=pl, C=e" -d novatec/tomcat:7.0

Memory size of the JVM is set by ${CATALINA_HOME}/bin/ to 512M with UseCompressedOops option set.


To the extent permitted by law, liability is limited in all cases to the total of all license fees paid by the Licensee.

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