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Wrapper around CBECC-Com DLLs to 'easily' launch the application using a headless server.
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CBECC-Com using Docker, Wine, and Python

This container runs CBECC-Com using Docker and Wine. There is a wrapper around the CBECC-Com DLLs implemented in python to 'easily' launch the application using a headless server. Builds are managed via Docker Hub's Automated Builds

Running Example

To use the Docker image to run an CIBD or XML model.

  • Install and launch boot2docker
  • Pull the most recent docker image docker pull nllong/cbecc-com.
  • cd into the directory where the XML or CBID CBECC-Com file is. (Make sure that you have a recent version of boot2docker running.)

      docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/var/cbecc-com-files/run nllong/cbecc-com /var/cbecc-com-files/ -i /var/cbecc-com-files/run/<filename>
  • The file should run and all the outputs should be in your local folder

Building from Docker File

To build the container locally run

docker build -t nllong/cbecc-com .

You can inspect the container by running

docker run -it --rm nllong/cbecc-com /bin/bash

Using the Python CbeccComWrapper

Testing on Docker/Wine

  • Start the container and call the python script

Each file should be run in its own directory because the output is at the same level as the input file

docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd)/test:/var/cbecc-com-files/test cbecc-com /bin/bash
./ -i test/0200016-OffSml-SG-BaseRun.xml


docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd)/test:/var/cbecc-com-files/test cbecc-com ./ -i test/0200016-OffSml-SG-BaseRun.xml

Testing on Windows

To test the CbeccComWrapper on windows run

$ python -s windows -i run/0200016-OffSml-SG-BaseRun.xml

Known Issues

  • Most (if not all) of the paths that are sent to the DLL must have backslashes
  • OpenStudio RunManager requires a frame buffer, hence the xvfb-run command in the file
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