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network simulation for Linux Multipath TCP kernel with ns-3-dce
Full Description

This image contains a full set of ns-3 network simulation framework using Linux Multipath TCP implementation.

It's based on Direct Code Execution (DCE) framework, which is an extension of ns-3. With DCE, any real implementation of Linux kernel network stack can be simulated on top of network simulation framework.

  • v0.89 based
% docker run -i -t ns3dce/mptcp:v0.89
$:~/mptcp-0.89/mptcp$ cd arch/sim/test/buildtop/source/ns-3-dce/
$:~/mptcp-0.89/mptcp/arch/sim/test/buildtop/source/ns-3-dce$ ./waf --run dce-iperf-mptcp

There are a couple of further information, though it's based on older versions of mptcp.

Any feedback (issue, pull-request, etc) are welcome on the github page !

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