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Automated traceback capturing for IPython and reporting to Slack
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A client and server to post tracebacks to the NSLS2 DAMA slack chat

Conda Recipes

Install the most recent tagged build: conda install exceptional -c lightsource2-tag

Install the most recent tagged build: conda install exceptional -c lightsource2-dev

Find the tagged recipe here and the dev recipe here

Installation of client

conda install exceptional

Then in the ipython profile configuration, add these three lines

import exceptional
exceptional.HOST = 'bcart01'

Installation of server

There are a number of things that need to be specified in order for this
app to work

  • docker image to run (nsls2/exceptional)
  • data storage folder (/exceptional/data)
  • database name (/exceptional/data/db.json)
  • host (bcart01)
  • port (5000)
  • slack token

Build the docker containers

New images are built on docker hub when new code is pushed to this git repo
and are available from nsls2/exceptional

Run the exceptioanl server

docker run -p 5000:5000 \
-e DB_PATH="/exceptional/data/db.json" \
-e SLACK_TOKEN=cat /exceptional/slack.token \
-d \


The DB_PATH environmental variable that gets passed to the docker image will
be the location of the .json based database. This holds all of the
traceback information.

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