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For more information about this image and its history, please see the Dockerfile repository on Github.


You must be running Docker for Mac, Docker for Linux, or Docker for Windows.


To run the video_transcoding gem in Docker, execute the following:

# Docker for Mac & Linux
$ docker run -itv "`pwd`":/data ntodd/video-transcoding

# Docker for Windows
$ docker run -itv C:\My\Current\Path:/data ntodd/video-transcoding

# Update to the latest image
$ docker pull ntodd/video-transcoding

This will:

  1. Download the ntodd/video-transcoding Docker image (unless already downloaded)
  2. Mount the current working directory on your host machine as a shared volume inside the container
  3. Run an interactive bash shell with access to your current directory and the video_transcoding cli tools

For best results on Docker for Mac or Windows, set your CPU count in preferences to the maximum available for your machine.

Docker Pull Command

Comments (4)
6 months ago

i tried to deployed it through digital ocean docker ...but couldn't execute it....1st one executed successfully,but how can i run the program in my browser ??? please help me to guide me in a proper way....

8 months ago

@comsysuk, @ntodd I had to modify the file to get it to work in Docker. Specifically, the call to sed that deletes the first line from queue.txt:

// From this:
sed -i '' 1d "$queue" || exit 1
// To this:
sed -i 1d "$queue" || exit 1
10 months ago


Have you managed to get the from Don Melton's site to run on this? I'm running it on a Windows machine and the transcoding works great, I just can't run a batch.

10 months ago

Thanks for this. A great help.