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rtorrent + rutorrent


Pick a folder to store downloaded files, for example, ~/torrent then run following commands

docker run -d --name rutorrent -v ~/torrent:/torrent/download \
    -p 80:80 nuimk/rutorrent

Optional, start a data container to keep rtorrent configuration and session files

docker run --name rutorrent-data --volumes-from rutorrent tianon/true

Access rtorrent

rtorrent is running inside tmux session. If you want to attach to tmux session,
run below command

docker exec -u torrent -it rutorrent env TERM=xterm script -q -c 'tmux attach' /dev/null

If you wonder why script command is necessary, see this

For simplicity, no authentication required to access rutorrent page.

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5 months ago

@mikan01. I think you can folk this repository,
And setup authentication using the nginx setting.

5 months ago

How to add authentication?

This is the only docker rutorrent that works for me. Thanks :)