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Device daemon for OpticNav, a proof-of-concept, multi-user augmented reality maps system
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Using the image

Note: nukep/opticnav-daemon and nukep/opticnav-webapp are used in conjunction. See also:

The web app depends on MySQL and the OpticNav device daemon (ARDd).

Create the MySQL and daemon containers first, followed by the web app:

# OpticNav device daemon
# A port must be opened for listening to devices: <public port>:4444
docker run -d --name=opticnav-daemon -p 4444:4444 nukep/opticnav-daemon

# This automatically creates a database with the proper uses and database. Change as you wish.
docker run -d --name=opticnav-db -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password -e MYSQL_USER=opticnav -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=password -e MYSQL_DATABASE=opticnav mysql

# OpticNav web app
docker run -d --name=opticnav-webapp --link opticnav-daemon:daemon --link opticnav-db:mysql -v /path/to/persist/images:/resources -p 12345:8080 nukep/opticnav-webapp
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