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Alpine Asciidoc for Office Numero 2
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Asciidoctor Docker Container

An asciidoctor dockerfile with nodejs and compass support (~370Mb)


This Docker container provides:

  • Alpine (latest)
  • Node (latest)
  • Asciidoctor
  • Aciidoctor Diagram with Graphviz integration so you can use plantuml and graphiz diagrams
  • Asciidoctor PDF (alpha)
  • Source highlighting using CodeRay or Pygments
  • Asciidoctor Stylesheet factory

Getting Started

You will need to have docker installed in your machine and clone/download this repo.

Using the container:

From within the container:

To run:


asciidoctor -b html5 -a stylesheet=foundation.css -r asciidoctor-diagram -a toc=left mybook.adoc


asciidoctor-pdf -r asciidoctor-diagram mybook.adoc

Asciidoctor Themes:

The themes are built from SASS and are using the Stylesheet Factory

To build:

compass compile

The generated stylesheets will be upserted into the css folder.

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