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litmus - WebDAV server protocol compliance test suite
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litmus is a WebDAV server test suite, which aims to test whether a server is compliant with the WebDAV protocol as specified in RFC2518; current tests cover:
litmus in action

  • OPTIONS for DAV: header
  • PUT, GET with byte comparison
  • DELETE (collections, non-collections)
  • COPY, MOVE using combinations of:
    overwrite t/f
    destination exists/doesn't exist
  • Property manipulation and querying:
    set, delete, replace properties
    persist dead props across COPY
    namespace handling
  • Locking
    attempts to modify locked resource (as lock owner, not owner)
    shared/exclusive locks
    lock discovery
    collection locking
    lock refresh

Note that a server which passes all these tests will not necessarily work with any real DAV clients; though the chances are good. litmus is built using the neon library, so supports digest and basic authentication, TLS/SSL, and proxy servers.

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