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Z-Push Docker

An attempt at dockerizing z-push. This container is not the official z-push container in any way but is a good start if you are looking to do it.

This container run z-push on debian, apache2 and php-fpm.


There are two main way to use this container.

  1. Extend this container using FROM keyword
  2. Mount every file you need on run-time by using the -v argument of docker run

Installing your backend

Your backend needs to be in /usr/share/z-push/backend/yourbackend. Below are two examples of installing a backend :

FROM nvanheuverzwijn:z-push

COPY ./mybackend /usr/share/z-push/backend/mybackend

You can also mount every folder on runtime.

docker run -t nvanheuverzwijn/z-push -v /mybackend:/usr/share/z-push/backend/mybackend


Configuration must be set here /etc/z-push/z-push.conf.php. Like before, you can mount a configuration file on run-time with -v flag or roll your own container.


Every log from apache and php5-fpm is going to PID1 stdout which is the stdout of docker.


Build and run

docker build . -t z-push
docker run --name z-push -p 80:80 --rm -t z-push

Start a shell:

docker run --rm --name z-push  -p 80:80 -t z-push
docker exec -ti z-push /bin/bash

Mounting configuration and backend on run-time:

Assuming that ~/mybackend is the emplacement of your backend and that ~/z-push.conf is the z-push configuration:

docker run --rm --name z-push -v ~/mybackend:/usr/share/z-push/backend/mybackend -v ~/z-push.conf:/etc/z-push/z-push.conf-t z-push
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