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Archlinux, ZNC, bitlbee-libpurple w/SIPE. Login admin/admin.
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This is a docker build for an Archlinux based container that has ZNC and
bitlbee-libpurple from the AUR configured, with SIPE support. The default
login for ZNC is admin / admin.


If using my public image:

Create a /znc-data container volume based on the image:

docker create -v /znc-data --name znc-data nwbreneman/znc-bitlbee

Run the image using the volume from that container:

docker run --name znc --volumes-from znc-data -p 6697:6697 -d nwbreneman/znc-bitlbee

Connect over https on port 6697 to ZNC and login as admin / admin:


Since you may create a new user, bitlbee is not configured by default. Add it
as an IRC server on localhost 6667.


A docker container volume is recommended over mounting the volume directly
for two reasons:

  • There may be security restrictions on mounting volumes.
  • The container volume gives you data persistence if rebuilding the container.

The downside is you have to spend a small amount of extra time configuring ZNC.

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