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This is a set of Docker containers designed to be used to run a Microsoft Azure CoreOS cluster. Each is set up on the Docker registry as an automated build.

The images include

  • synchronizer - Automatically pulls your custom application packages from git repos or Azure blob storage and ensures they are propagated throughout the cluster as needed
  • etcdwatcher - Manages lists of keys from files in your packages and ensures they are loaded into etcd
  • autoproxy - nginx reverse proxy that runs on every machine in the cluster to provide reliable access between services
  • registry - Azure-backed Docker registry to hold your custom containers once built
  • librarian - Automatically builds your custom containers and puts them in the registry
  • foreman - Reads deployment information, including custom auto-scaling scripts, and manages deployments through fleet
  • logwatcher - Runs on every machine in the cluster, grabs logs from your applications, and stores them in Azure blob storage

This is still a work in progress, most of these are not done yet. See individual READMEs for progress and instructions on customizing/deploying

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