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Docker image for Hashicorps Vault.
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This provides a dockerized image of Hashicorps Vault using an alpine linux base
The image is using Alpine Linux 3.3 and Vault 0.8.3

Configuration and Running

You have two options - mount your own config file or use the built in via environment variables.

Custom configuration file

Simply provide a config file and have it mounted at /config/vault.hcl, the startup script will do the rest


 docker run nyxcharon/docker-vault --net=host -v /some/path/vault.hcl:/config/vault.hcl

Built in

The built in configuration assumes you are using Consul as a backend. Set the following environment variables as needed:
CONSUL_ADDR: The address for your consul server. Defaults localhost
ADVERTISE_ADDR: The advertise address Vault should use. Example - "http://localhost:8200"
PATH: The path that should be used for Vaults backend storage. The default is "vault-prod"
ADDRESS: Vault listener adddress. Default is ""
TLS_DISABLE: Disable tls. Defaults to 0
VAULT_KEY: Vault ssl key.
VAULT_CERT: Vault ssl cert.
CONSUL_DISABLE: Disable auto registration with consul. Defaults to true
STATSITE_ADDR: The statsite server to send telemetry to. If this var does not exist, the telemetry section will not be created in the config


 docker run nyxcharon/docker-vault --net=host -e CONSUL_ADDR="http://consul.service.consul:8500" -e ADVERTISE_ADDR=""
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