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Shippable CI image for Python on Ubuntu 14.04. Available python versions:

  1. 2.7.6
  2. 3.3.6
  3. 3.4.0

How to use

You can use this image to run python builds on Shippable. Just update your
shippable.yml file and add the build_image directive. You should also
activate the appropriate virtual envrionment so your build runs against the
correct version of python. The python versions you specify in the python
directive in the YML will be available in the $PYTHON_VERSION environment
variable. Here's a sample YML file to get you going:

language: python
  - 2.7
  - 3.3
  - 3.4

build_image: shippableimages/ubuntu1404_python

  # We're going to set up a virtualenv and activate the python version we want to use
  - mkdir -p $HOME/bldve/
  - virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python$PYTHON_VERSION $HOME/bldve/
  - source $HOME/bldve/bin/activate

  - pip install -r requirements.txt

  - python
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