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Node.js implementation to serve data according to o2r-web-api
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o2r contentbutler

Node.js implementation of the /api/v1/compendium/:id/data and /api/v1/job/:id/data resources in the o2r web api.


Besides Node.js (>= 6.x), this project requires the Image Magick tool convert.

Run locally

mkdir mongodbdata
mongod --dbpath ./.mongodbdata

npm install
npm start

Open the application at http://localhost:8081/api/v1/compendium/1234/test

To show logs in the console, replace the last command with DEBUG=* npm start. There you can also see if requests are handled while not having any real data yet.

To add some content to your local database, use o2r-muncher.

Inspect your local MongoDB with adminMongo.

Debug locally

npm run-script debug

The start statement in this script sets the DEBUG variable for the debug library to * (show all logs).
Direct the log into a file using DEBUG=* npm start > log.txt.


Tests need a completely new environment (empty database), which is preferably started with the docker-compose file docker-compose.yml. The Docker compose configuration also pulls the latest contentbutler from Docker Hub, but we can just ignore that for our local tests.

npm install
npm install -g mocha
docker-compose up -d
sleep 10
npm test
docker-compose down -v


The file Dockerfile describes the Docker image published at Docker Hub.


o2r contentbutler is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0, see file LICENSE.

Copyright (C) 2016 - o2r project.

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