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Python 3.6 + Postgres 9.6 on alpine
Full Description

I wanted the latest version of python and postgres to work together so I made
an image that uses the latest of each. Also included are psycopg2 to connect
to postgres from python and plpython3u to use python from postgres.


To use this as a base image (as it is designed), include the following as the
first line.

FROM o76923/pypg

To test this image, you can get to the shell with the following

docker run -it --entrypoint=/bin/sh o76923/pypg

to run from the terminal instead.

Environmental Variables

<dd>Pretend to set the locale to english with UTF-8. Note that alpine does
not yet support this since musl doesn't. But it reduces the number of
apparent errors when compiling.</dd>
<dd>Necessary so libpq can be found by psycopg2.</dd>
<dd>Add all the pg_* commands and initdb to the path.</dd>
<dd>Postgres version, technically major and minor version based on the
definitions for versions prior to 10.</dd>
<dd>Technically the sub version or sub-minor version or something like
<dd>postgres's data is stored by default in /app/pgdata.</dd>
<dd>Number of cores to use when building and launching postgres.</dd>

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