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Oak frontend built using React and Express
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A React.js SPA frontend for the Oak course rating and reviewing web app. This project makes use of Webpack 2, ES6, and the SCSS variant of SASS. We use react-router for client-side routing, Semantic-UI for consistent UI components, and a simple Flux architecture implemented with actions, Flux dispatcher, stores, and components.


This project makes use of Docker for the development environment to maintain consistency.


Clone the repository to your computer.

Make sure Docker is running. Open a console in the root of the project directory and enter:

docker-compose build

Then to create containers:

docker-compose create


To start the development environment:

docker-compose exec web npm run dev

This will start a server on http://localhost:8080. It will reload when you change your modules.

To build for production:

docker-compose exec web npm run build

The build script will produce an index.html, css file and JavaScript file in the dist file. Ready to deploy.

To start the production server:

docker-compose start

To lint your JavaScript:

docker-compose exec web npm run test

To stop the development or production environment:

docker-compose stop

To destroy containers:

docker-compose down


Please open an issue for support. Or if you have an issue with the API, please open an issue on the OakAPI repository.


Please contribute using by creating a separate branch from development as base or forking the repository. Add your commits and then open a pull request.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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