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This provides a ready-to-use OpenStack (Pike) Keystone docker container
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OpenStack (Pike) Keystone

This provides an OpenStack (Pike) Keystone docker container


docker build -t obedmr/keystone .

Or just pull it from Dockerhub

docker pull obedmr/keystone

Start MariaDB container

docker run --name mariadb -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=secret -e MYSQL_DATABASE=keystone -e MYSQL_USER=keystone -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=secret -d mariadb

Start Keystone container

docker run -d -p 5000:5000 -p 35357:35357 --link mariadb:mariadb -e DATABASE_HOST=mariadb -e KEYSTONE_DB_USER=keystone -e KEYSTONE_DB_PASSWORD=secret -e KEYSTONE_DB_NAME=keystone --name keystone obedmr/keystone

Login into Keystone container

docker exec -it  keystone bash
# Inside the container
root@26bd2b8a8a60 /root # source openrc
openstack user list
| ID                               | Name  |
| 24620586335a473fb56fc2be2f6bfb53 | admin |

Environment Variables

    Database (MariaDB) host
    Database username that has access to Keystone database
    Database password for the user that has access to Keystone database
    Keystone database name

Post-deploy commands support

Once keystone container is up and running you can trigger custom scripts. You just need to add the following volume line in the Start Keystone container section

-v <path>/

Extra Build ARGs

Default build args in Docker are on:

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository