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Docker image containing Cassandra Server

Environment variables may be used to customize/override cassandra default properties. ENV vars should be passed when running container.
Alternatively, EXTERNAL_CONFIGURATION: "true" can be set to skip any customizations. You may want to set this when /etc/cassandra is mounted as an external volume.

Below you can find a list of available variables and corresponding properties.


CASSANDRA_CLUSTER_NAME - The name of the cluster (cluster_name)

CASSANDRA_LISTEN_ADDRESS - The IP address or hostname that Cassandra binds to for connecting to other Cassandra nodes (listen_address)

CASSANDRA_ENDPOINT_SNITCH - A class used for locating nodes and routing requests (endpoint_snitch).
If set to GossipingPropertyFileSnitch, the following variables can be used to specify dc and rack in file:


CASSANDRA_RPC_ADDRESS - The listen address for client connections (Thrift RPC service and native transport) (rpc_address)

CASSANDRA_SEEDS - A comma-delimited list of IP addresses used by gossip for bootstrapping new nodes joining a cluster (seeds)

CASSANDRA_COMMITLOG_TOTAL - Total space used for commitlogs (commitlog_total_space_in_mb)

CASSANDRA_BROADCAST_ADDRESS - The IP address a node tells other nodes in the cluster to contact it by (broadcast_address)

CASSANDRA_NUM_TOKENS - Defines the number of tokens randomly assigned to this node on the ring when using vnodes (num_tokens)

CASSANDRA_BROADCAST_RPC_ADDRESS - RPC address to broadcast to drivers and other Cassandra nodes (broadcast_rpc_address)

CASSANDRA_START_RPC - Controls start of the Thrift RPC server (start_rpc)

CASSANDRA_AUTHENTICATOR - The authentication backend (authenticator):

  • AllowAllAuthenticator (default)
  • PasswordAuthenticator

CASSANDRA_AUTHORIZER - The authorization backend (authorizer):

  • AllowAllAuthorizer (default)
  • CassandraAuthorizer

MAX_HEAP_SIZE - Sets the maximum heap size for the JVM (MAX_HEAP_SIZE)

HEAP_NEWSIZE - The size of the young generation (HEAP_NEWSIZE)

JMX_PORT - The JMX listen port (JMX_PORT)

LOCAL_JMX - By default Cassandra ships with JMX accessible only from localhost. To enable remote JMX connections set LOCAL_JMX: "no". You may want to set additional Java properties, e.g., java.rmi.server.hostname, etc. (see CUSTOM_JVM_OPTS for examples).

CUSTOM_JVM_OPTS - Additional parameters appended to JVM_OPTS, e.g.:

CUSTOM_JVM_OPTS: " -Djava.rmi.server.hostname="

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