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a #GOLang Answering Machine backed by Cisco Tropo Communication Services
Full Description

The AnsweringMachine is a customizable software that plays a welcome message at incoming calls, records voice messages, let an authorized user check for new messages, sends transcripts of recordings to your mailbox.

The project was started as a proof of concept to learn #golang and #tropo APIs.

You may find it worth giving it a try for fun and no profit, and who knows... fork the github repo to build your own:

How to run it

> docker pull objectisadvantag/answeringmachine
> docker run -e XXXXXX -p 8080:8080 objectisadvantag/answeringmachine

To override default configuration (which can be checked at the /conf endpoint), replace XXXXX in the command line below with:

   -e GOLAM_RECORDER_USERNAME={tropo_account}
   -e GOLAM_RECORDER_PASSWORD={tropo_password}
   -e GOLAM_AUDIO_ENDPOINT={tropo_account_number}/www/audio
   -e GOLAM_TRANSCRIPTS_EMAIL={your email}
   -e GOLAM_CHECKER_NAME={your firstname}
   -e GOLAM_CHECKER_NUMBER={your phone number without + prefix}

Don't know which values to set above, take the Walkthrough

Docker Pull Command