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Real World OCaml development version
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Real World OCaml


Scripts to build the book and the website are implemented in
OCaml. Once you have OPAM installed, it is
recommended you do the following to install all necessary

opam switch rwo -A 4.04.1
cd /to/your/working/directory
opam pin add rwo .
opam install rwo --deps-only

The switch step is optional, but recommended if you are also working
on other OCaml projects that may have conflicting requirements.

Directory Structure

  • book/
    Main content of the book. An html file for each chapter along with
    supporting images and code blocks.

    • pdf/ and theme/
      Copied from the O'Reilly sources. Unsure yet if these are needed.
  • lib/
    OCaml code implementing all the functionality needed to build the
    book into various formats.

  • app/
    Command line app, for convenient access to functions implemented in

  • archive/
    Mostly stuff from the 1st edition of the book. Could delete all of
    this as it is accessible by going to tag
    However, leaving here for now for more clear access until we're sure
    we've ported everything needed.

  • exercises/
    Unused exercises.

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