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A version of for dockercloud
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MariaDB on Galera Cluster

A mariadb Docker image with Galera cluster capability and healthchecking script listening on 9200 for use with HAProxy.
Based on Olafz percona-clustercheck slightly modified to work in
an automated fashion with this image.

Based on but modded for Dockercloud

How to use

No initial seed of the mysql db is done. Copy in your existing inno-db instance into /var/lib/mysql of the
first container then restart. It's done this way to ensure that no initialization writes over database
that you want to save.

Set this Environment variable.


#HA Proxy
When using the Dockercloud settings the dockercompose.yml stackfile can be used.
The extra environment variables for MariaDB containers setup the tcp-proxy settings.
And a tiny netcat shell-script server serves status of the instance.
Additional environment variables needed in the mariadb container:

HEALTH_CHECK=check port 9200 inter 5000 fastinter 2000 rise 2 fall 2

These are pulled into the haproxy container from the mariadb container.

#Know limitations
In a galera cluster when a node joins a full master drops out to do the initial sync with this new node. This takes some time during this time no new nodes that need a full sync can join the cluster.

Only add new nodes when all current nodes are full masters

The :s3backup version of this container can be run as part of a cluster of non-backup MariaDBGalera
containers and will perform backups to s3 dependant on the configured cron schedule

Automatic Periodic Backups

You can set the SCHEDULE environment variable like -e SCHEDULE="@daily" to run the backup automatically.
More information about the scheduling can be found

Restoring from backup

This container also contains a script to restore a backup from s3. The container should not be part of a cluster when
perfomring a restore. To run a restore an additional environment needs to be set RESTORE_FILENAME which contains
the name of the file to copy from s3 and restore from. In order to restore run the container and execute
the command:


This will restore the database to the /var/lib/mysql directory

Docker Pull Command