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This docker container is intended to be used together with the Jenkins Docker Plugin.


  • Check that the required module, as stated above is installed
  • Add a new credential in Jenkins with Username: jenkins and Password: jenkins
  • Configure a new docker cloud in your Jenkins settings (Manage Jenkins->Configure System)
    • Give it a name and a valid docker URL like
    • Test the connection
    • Add this image from the public registry to that cloud with the ID: m1no/jenkins-dind
    • Give that image a valid build label (ex.:"docker") to point your build jobs to it
    • Select the newly created credential from before to allow the Jenkins Master to connect
      via ssh to the new Docker Jenkins slave
    • Click the "Advanced..." button for that image
    • Enable "Run container privileged" mode
  • Create a new build job and set the option "Restrict where this project can be run" to
    the new build label (ex.:"docker")
  • Do your build steps as usual

After running a build you should see that Jenkins start a new docker container
everytime you trigger this job to build. Shortly after triggerin the Build, there will
be a notice that the job is pending on the build instance, this is totally normal. After
the brand new slave is fully operational this should go over in to "Building".


  • At our office we use it to build all our jobs in docker containers even
    other docker containers
  • It helps a lot to have a deterministic docker build setup all the time

Known Issues

  • The Docker Plugin of Jenkins does not clean the attached container volumes
    => Manual cleanup needed on the Docker main host regularly
    rm -Rf /var/lib/docker/vfs/dir/*
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