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etcd-netfw is a dynamic TCP proxy (net forwarder) which configuration is based on etcd. It provides real time dynamic reconfiguration of destination hosts and is able to do some load balancing.

It is part of the infrastructure.

How it works

It is a TCP proxy which fetch its configuration from etcd. The configuration format is the following. Let's says the servicePath parameter is set to /services/postgres/ and given the following etcd values :

/services/postgres/1/location: {"host": "", "port": 5432}
/services/postgres/2/location: {"host": "", "port": 5432}

Then, when asking for a connection to etcd-netfw, it will forward alternatively to the first and second host.


Several parameters allow to configure the way the proxy behave :

  • acceptAddr allows to setup a listening address ( by default)
  • etcdAddress address of a list of etcd nodes (coma separated)
  • servicePath : path of the key where the service instances are resistered.

Use in docker

etcd-netfw is used in to build dynamic Docker ambassadors. A small explanation can be found here :

How to build

We use GOM to build.

go get
gom install

Report & Contribute

We are glad to welcome new developers on this initiative, and even simple usage feedback is great.

  • Ask your questions on Nuxeo Answers
  • Report issues on this github repository (see issues link on the right)
  • Contribute: Send pull requests!

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